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Gong X, Simchi-Levi D.  2022.  Bandits atop Reinforcement Learning: Tackling Online Inventory Models with Cyclic Demands. Management Science.
Simchi-Levi D, Sun R, Wu MXiao, Zhu R.  2022.  Calibrating Sales Forecast in a Pandemic Using Competitive Online Non-Parametric Regression. Management Science.
Ma W, Simchi-Levi D.  2022.  Constructing Demand Curves from a Single Observation of Bundle Sales. WINE 2022.
Bu J, Simchi-Levi D, Wang C.  2022.  Context-Based Dynamic Pricing with Partially Linear Demand Model. NeurIPS 2022.
Bojinov I, Simchi-Levi D, Zhao J.  2022.  Design and Analysis of Switchback Experiments. Management Science.
Li H, Simchi-Levi D, Wu M, Zhu W.  2022.  Estimating and Exploiting the Impact of Photo Layout: A Structural Approach. Management Science.
Hu Y, Simchi-Levi D, Yan Z.  2022.  Learning Mixed Multinomial Logits with Provable Guarantees. NeurIPS 2022.
Ledvina K, Qin H, Simchi-Levi D, Wei Y.  2022.  A New Approach for Vehicle Routing with Stochastic Demand: Combining Route Assignment with Process Flexibility.
Foster D, Krishnamurthy A, Simchi-Levi D, Xu Y.  2022.  Offline Reinforcement Learning: Fundamental Barriers for Value Function Approximation. COLT 2022.
Simchi-Levi D, Xu Y.  2022.  Phase Transitions in Bandits with Switching Constraints. Management Science.
Simchi-Levi D, Zheng Z, Zhu F.  2022.  A Simple and Optimal Policy Design with Safety against Heavy-tailed Risk for Multi-armed Bandits. NeurIPS 2022.
Talwai P, Shameli A, Simchi-Levi D.  2022.  Sobolev Norm Learning Rates for Conditional Mean Embeddings. AISTAT 2022.
Qin H, Simchi-Levi D, Ferer R, Mays J, Merriam K, Forrester M, Hamrick A.  2022.  Trading Safety Stock for Service Response Time in Inventory Positioning. Production and Operations Management. (Special Issue in celebration of POMs 30 years)
Simchi-Levi D, Xu Y.  2021.  Bypassing the Monster: A Faster and Simpler Optimal Algorithm for Contextual Bandits under Realizability. Mathematics of Operations Research.
Qin H, Simchi-Levi D, Wang L.  2021.  Data-Driven Approximation Schemes for Joint Pricing and Inventory Control Models. Management Science.
Chen L, Ma W, Natarajan K, Simchi-Levi D, Yan Z.  2021.  Distributionally Robust Linear and Discrete Optimization with Marginals. Operations Research.
Simchi-Levi D, Zheng Z, Zhu F.  2021.  Dynamic Planning and Learning under Recovering Rewards. ICML 2021.
Chen B, Simchi-Levi D, Wang Y, Zhou Y.  2021.  Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control with Fixed Ordering Cost and Incomplete Demand Information. Management Science.
Foster D, Rakhlin A, Simchi-Levi D, Xu Y.  2021.  Instance-Dependent Complexity of Contextual Bandits and Reinforcement Learning: A Disagreement-Based Perspective. COLT 2021.
Cheung W.C, Ma W, Simchi-Levi D, Wang X.  2021.  Inventory Balancing with Online Learning. Management Science.
Bastani H, Simchi-Levi D, Zhu R.  2021.  Meta Dynamic Pricing: Transfer Learning Across Experiments. Management Science—Special Issue on Data-Driven Prescriptive Analytics.
Mao W, Zhang K, Zhu R, Simchi-Levi D, Basar T.  2021.  Is Model-Free Learning Nearly Optimal for Non-Stationary RL? ICML 2021.
Bu J, Simchi-Levi D, Wang L.  2021.  Offline Pricing and Demand Learning with Censored Data. Management Science.
Gong X, Goyal V, Iyengar G, Simchi-Levi D, Udwani R, Wang S.  2021.  On-line Assortment Optimization with Reusable Resources. Management Science.
Simchi-Levi D, Sun R, Zhang H.  2021.  Online Learning and Optimization for Revenue Management Problems with Add-on Discounts. Management Science.
Bu J, Simchi-Levi D, Xu Y.  2021.  Online Pricing with Offline Data: Phase Transition and Inverse Square Law. Management Science.
Chen X, Simchi-Levi D, Wang Y.  2021.  Privacy-Preserving Dynamic Personalized Pricing with Demand Learning. Management Science.
Ma W, Simchi-Levi D.  2021.  Reaping the Benefits of Bundling under High Production Costs. To appear in Proceedings of the 24nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, AISTATS..
Chen X, Sim M, Simchi-Levi D, Sun P.  2007.  Risk Aversion in Inventory Management. Operations Research. 55